Sharing Options

Typeset's sophisticated options for sharing your decks include collaborative editing, meaning multiple people can edit the same deck at the same time. Or, you can easily manage editing permissions through the sharing menu.


You can share decks directly with designated individuals, through social media, or by sharing a link or QR code.

Sharing through Social Media

When sharing a deck via social media, you can click the share icon and share your deck directly to X (formerly Twitter) or LinkedIn. The post will populate with the title of your deck and a public link visible to anyone.

Sharing and Managing Visibility

Open the Sharing Menu on the right side by clicking the sharing icon


Here you'll find several options controlling the deck's visibility, e.g. whether it will be visible to anyone or only to people in your company.


The Copy Link button provides a link to the deck that's playable by anyone as long as it is shared with them.


Additionally, you can directly share the deck with specific individuals and choose whether they need to be authenticated or not. They will receive an email with a unique, trackable URL to ensure you can control access whenever you need to.

Direct Sharing

To share your deck with someone directly, click the Create a Direct Share button or the + icon, enter the subject's email address, select an appropriate security (authentication) option, and click Share.

  • Secret Link means a special URL specific to this user, but no password is required.

  • Passphrase means you'll choose a simple required password in addition to the unique link provided.

  • Single Sign-On means the subject will have to be authenticated via G-Suite or Office 365. This allows them to also edit the deck if you toggle the Allow editing setting on.

The recipient will then receive an email notification linking them to the deck. 

You can track the time between when the email is sent and when it is opened. Similar to WhatsApp, icons indicate whether the notification has been sent and whether the subject has received the email, opened it, accessed the URL, or viewed the deck.


Exporting as PDF or Images

Export your content from Typeset as a PDF or JPEG images. This can be useful if you want to insert your content into another platform or for offline viewing.

In the Export menu on the right side of the sidebar, there is an option to download your deck as a PDF file or set of .jpeg images. 


From there, you can select which pages, orientation, size, and format you'd like to export to. Then hit the Export Selected button and your content will immediately export and download.