Using the "/" command

Browse all available components to add to a Typeset slide by typing a forward slash / on a new line.

A modal will appear that lists all components, then you can type additional letters and words and the list will filter based on this input.

E.g. If you'd like to add a line chart to your slide, you could do it in three different ways:

  1. Type / and scroll through the list until you find Line Chart and then hit Enter.
  2. Type /chart, this will filter the list to just charts. Scroll through and select Line Chart.
  3. Type /line, this will filter the list for Line Chart. Hit Enter.

Available Slash Commands

AI ModeBullet ListTitleBar Chart
ImageNumbered ListSubtitleColumn Chart
TemplatesBreakNormal TextFlowChart
Funnel Chart
GiphyFigmaTable of ContentsLine Chart
MathPie Chart
MiroLogo ListMermaidSunburst Chart