Presenting content in Typeset just became easier! Typeset now has two options to present content with a new one being Presenter Mode

When a user selects to present in this mode, the player will open with a second window that shows a guided presentation view available only to the speaker. They can see their notes for each page, as well as what is coming up in the presentation. The audience cannot see this view.

To add speaker notes to a page, a user can type /notes in the editor and type their notes as usual. These notes are not visible to viewers of the document or to the audience of a presentation.

How it works:

  • Type /note in the editor to activate speaker notes
  • Type notes in the editor for the selected page
    • These notes are not visible on the page, to viewers of the document, or to the audience of a presentation.
  • Delete the notes as you would any text in the editor
  • To access Speaker Notes during a presentation:
    • Select ‘Presenter View’ when playing a deck
    • This will open two windows — one audience view of the deck and a second window with the speaker notes view

Check out our example below!